Court Order

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Established in 2016 with one central objective, Customer Experience. We have stayed true to our purpose to by bringing to our customers an in-store shopping experience like no other in Cape Town, South Africa. We are a fusion Retail and Consignment concept store, meaning you have a wide variety from which to make your choice. We stock some of the top and emerging sneaker and clothing brands, sourced both locally and internationally. Drop by and see for yourself.


Sneakers are born on the streets. On the courts, where gladiators sweat blood and tears to jump higher, run faster, crushing the opposition and leaving a train of bodies in their wake.

Sneakers are born on the streets, where 3 stripes could mean 3-to-life. Where style points get you in past the gatekeepers, and street cred gets you out of trouble. Where a cracked air bubble is equal to cracked armor. And someone scuffing your shoes must mean they have something to lose.

Sneakers are born on the streets, hanging from telephone lines as a token to those who never made it.

Sneakers are born from grit, guts and glory.

When you step into Court Order, you step onto the streets. Asphalt under your soles. Raw brick walls surrounding you. While the arch bridge above you and the pavement below you transform the store into a midnight basketball game lit by flickering street lamps deep within the inner city. Exposed concrete, court fencing and scaffolding makes sure your in store experience is as ever changing as the word on the street.

You can feel the grind within the walls, hear the heartbeats of athletes who have pushed themselves to the edge.

Sneakers are a language. They tell the streets your story, where you’re at, and what you’ve had to put in to get there. We’re here to help you tell that story.