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With three reviews a week, live sessions and regular Q&As Chris shares his grail hunting stories on his Instagram account @SneakerStories.TV

"As you know, collecting sneakers isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t need to break the bank if you’re smart about it. Spending $2k on a pair of shoes you can't live without isn't necessarily affordable, but trading one or two pairs of shoes you can live without, and costs you a fraction of that price, is.

There's a lot more to sneakers than meets the eye. The design story behind the collaboration, the material make-up of the shoes, the technology created to produce a certain element, sizing, where to buy... All things I'm fascinated by and information that was largely unknown or overlooked by the majority of people lining up to cop the next hyped release.


I respond to around a hundred questions weekly from enthusiasts across the world who are interested in the product I'm showcasing. What size to get, where to get it, is something fake, is this better than that, how to clean, does this work, do you recommend that, can you show us this... ?”

Shooting and editing everything on his iPhone, Chris has reviewed over 200 pairs of shoes and other sneaker related product in a format that’s concise, informative and honest.

- Superbalist (2018)