genuine product guides


About the guides

Where do you get the guides from?
We source products from experts and retailers, then research and photograph each item right here in our own studio.

Are your guides 100% accurate?
All the products photographed are 100% genuine so the features themselves are accurate. The descriptions of each feature are open to interpretation and we do not proclaim them to be official.

What if I spot something incorrect in a guide?
If you see anything you believe to be untrue please make contact and let us know. goVerify was created as a high quality collaborative process between retailers and brand fanatics, we’d welcome any help.

Am I allowed to copy the guides?
In short, no. Use them to help you spot fakes, learn how to take photos that will help you sell your product and things like that. Refer to the terms of use for more detail regarding copyright and the agreements you make when purchasing a guide.

Can I share the guides with someone else?
You can share links to our goVerify guides with anyone, they will in turn need to purchase the guide to get a full view.

Can I help contribute?
We will soon be opening up the process for users to submit their own guides to us. Please make contact if you wish to find out more about making an official contribution to goVerify.

About payments

Is credit card data sent using a secure network?
goVerify uses, as third party payment provider, to handle all credit card information and payments. Stripe is an industry standard PCI-approved payment provider. All credit card data is sent directly to Stripe over HTTPS which means the data is encrypted. goVerify will never actually see your credit card number.

Do you store my credit card information?
goVerify does not store or have access to any of your credit card information.

How can I get invoices for my purchases?
When you deposit money into your account you will receive an invoice by email. To have any invoice resent to you please email us here.

Technical issues

How do I change my password?
Login to your account and go to “My account”. Select “Change password” and follow the instructions. Contact us if you still have trouble.

How do I delete my account?
Login to your account and go to “My account”. Select “Edit account”. Next to your email address click on “Delete account”. Please note all access to guides you have purchased will also be deleted.

How do I report a bug?
Please contact our technical support here and let us know if you encounter any bugs, we'd really appreciate it if you did.

These FAQ's were last modified on May 31st 2015.