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Adidas Superstar Supershell Todd James

in 29 steps

Created 2015-08-09
Modified 2016-08-18
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29 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Adidas Superstar Pharrell Supershell's with this detailed 29 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

5. Box Varnish

Adidas Superstar Pharrell Supershell's have a unique colour swatch printed onto the lid of the retail box. Check that the colour swatch is varnished, light should reflect off the printed area but not the rest of the box.

11. Heel Detail

Below the Pharrell Williams logo is an artist name (Todd James in this case) debossed and varnished into the leather. This series of Supershell sneakers are a collection curated by Pharrell Williams, featuring artwork on the shell toe done by some of Pharrells favorite artists. Todd James is a New York City contemporary artist, Zaha Hadid an Iraqi-British Architect, Mr. is a Japanese contemporary artist and Cass Bird is a New York based director and photographer. Make sure the artist's name is debossed into the leather and that you can see the reflective nature of the varnish, make sure the typeface used is correct.

27. Sockliners

Adidas Superstar Pharrell Supershell's will have a Pharrell Williams reflexology-inspired graphic on the insole, make sure the print quality is solid and sharp. The sockliner is a flat cushioned material, look for the small cut-out bump on the edge of the big toe.


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