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Adidas Yeezy Desert Boot Rock

in 34 steps

Created 2022-06-10
Modified 2022-06-10
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34 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Adidas Yeezy Desert Boot Rocks with this detailed 34 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

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12. Instep

Check the instep for the wave-like join between the different layers of midsole. Note how the middle layer is indented along the center, creating a more dynamic look. Note the smooth patch of outsole along the arch with ridges for additional grip.

14. Swing Tags

New Adidas Yeezy Desert Boot Rocks will come with various types of swing tags depending on region. There is usually one swing tag that explains how the colour of the fabric might change. Some countries might have different languages on them. The second swing tag is often a standard Adidas product swing tag. Some regions might include an RF tag, some might include a size chart. Check that the information detailed on the product tag matches the box sticker as well as the information found on the label inside the shoe. Check that the print quality is solid with sharp edges. Make sure the typeface is correct. Tip 1: Check the PO# and Art number specifically.

19. Lace Loop

At the base of the laces is a thick, suede lace loop. Make sure the loop is created by the suede curving underneath itself and is secured at the base with a double line of neat stitching.

22. Reflective Strip

If you shine a light directly on the tongue, the silver strip should reflect the light. Note how there is a thin section of non-reflective material on either side of the reflective section.


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