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Bape Sta Bape x Marvel Captain America

in 41 steps

Created 2022-09-27
Modified 2022-09-27
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41 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake BAPE STA Bape x Marvel Captain Americas with this detailed 41 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

5. Box Detail

At the front of the box you can see the MARVEL and A BATHING APE logos on the front. Also note how clear the plastic is despite being quite thick.

16. Heel Logo

The Bape x Marvel Captain America features a patent leather heel panel with the BAPE STA logo embroidered into each shoe. Make sure the typeface, size and thickness of the logos are correct. Check that there is a BAPE STA star logo in place of the A in BAPE. Note the different typefaces used and check that there is a circled R stitched into the heel above the B. make sure the embroidery itself is tight and neat.

22. Toebox Profile

The side of the toebox is a good place to check how the upper curves up the toe. Make sure the stitching around the midsole securing it to the upper is perfectly straight and even.

40. Sole Logo

In the midfoot area of the sole is the BAPE STA logo. Check that it is neatly embossed. Note the textured rubber around the logo, while the logo itself is smooth.


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