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Converse Chuck Taylor 70 CDG White Low

in 32 steps

Created 2022-06-23
Modified 2022-06-27
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32 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Comme des Garçons White Lows with this detailed 32 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

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6. Lid Logo

Converse CDG shoe boxes will have a series of light grey Converse logos printed all over, along with a Comme des Garçons and Converse logo in darker print in the center of the lid. Make sure the print quality is solid with sharp edges. Note how the Converse logo is straight, while the Play text underneath is curved. Check that the Comme des Garçons logo beneath is a smaller, thinner print, with "des" printed in lowercase and the rest in capitals. Note how "Garçons" has an asterisk under the c in place of a cedilla. Make sure the typefaces are correct, and note how the center logo overlaps the light grey Converse logos.

13. Heel Logo

Converse sneakers have a rubber heel patch on the midsole. The logo will read Converse All Star Chuck Taylor. Note the difference in the typefaces and make sure they are correct. The words should be neatly embossed into the rubber patch, along with three stars of different sizes. Note how the patch is neatly glued on; make sure it is not peeling off anywhere. You should be able to see the bumps of the different midsole layers under the patch. Make sure there is no excess glue showing along the join between midsole and upper, and note the series of small embossed lines running vertically along the top edge of the midsole.

14. Upper Logo

The main feature of the Converse CDGs is the iconic Comme des Garçons heart logo. Note the rough edges of the logo and how thick it is, appearing to have been painted onto the canvas upper. Check that you can see the texture of the canvas through the semigloss logo.

27. Insole Logo

Take a closer look at the insole and you'll find an embossed Converse logo. Make sure the embossing is solid and sharp, and the correct typeface has been used.


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