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Dior Large Book Tote Black Toile de Jouy Zodiac

in 32 steps

Created 2022-10-07
Modified 2022-10-07
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32 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Large Dior Book Tote Black Toile de Jouy Zodiacs with this detailed 32 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

17. Handle Detail

The handles attach to the bag with a shield-shaped piece of canvas with a double line of thick stitching. Make sure the lines of stitching are perfectly parallel to each other and are heavily layered.

20. Embroidery Detail

Check that there are a number of different thread sizes used in the embroidery to create shading and to emphasize some designs more than others.

22. Tag

There may be a Christian Dior Paris tag attached to the bag which includes a barcode and details about the bag inside.

25. Internal Heatstamp

Inside the bag is a tag featuring the Christian Dior PARIS MADE IN ITALY heatstamp logo. The "Christian Dior" should always be at the top, with "PARIS" just below it, followed by "MADE IN ITALY" below that. Some bags might say "Made in Spain", or not have any "Made in __" text at all. Check that the various typefaces are correct and the letters are clearly stamped. Make sure the tag is attached to the bag with a thick line of dense, even stitching.


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