Chanel Boy Bag

Learn how to spot fakes with a 35 step guide

Created 2023-03-14 ©goVerify, Inc.

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35 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake a Chanel Boy Bag Black Ruthenium with this detailed 35 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

6. Box Logo

Take a closer look at the printed Chanel logo in white on the box and check that the print is solid, the logo is centered, and the correct typeface has been used.

20. Handle Logo

On the studs for adjusting the strap length will be an engraved CC logo. Check that the engraving is sharp and neat, with the correct typeface used in the logo. Note the shape of the size of the notches, and how there is a small circle at one end, and a larger circle cut out where the stud has been inserted.

29. Flap Open

When you lift the flap of the Chanel Boy bag you can see the hardware in the bag. The rear hardware of the clasp should sit in the middle; check that it is held in place with a screw in each corner. Make sure it has the same ruthenium finish as the rest of the hardware. At the fold of the flap is a piece of hardware on each side which holds the handle hardware in place on top of the bag. Check that each of these are held in place with two screws along the ends. Check that size and positioning of each piece of hardware.

34. Card Rear

The back of the card features the same gold border as the front. The top of the card has a debossed style code finished with gold foiling. Make sure the style code on the card matches the one inside the bag. Below the code, the text from the front of the card has been translated into multiple languages. Make sure the printing is sharp and clear.

Receipt Envelope
Retail Box
Box Opening
Box Logo
Camellia Back
Ribbon Logo
Wrapping Sticker
Box Construction
Dustbag Detail
Handle Logo
Handle Hardware
Base Seam
Hardware Clasp
Clasp Logo
Stitching Detail
Body Front
Flap Open
Style Code
Authenticity Card
Card Rear
Card Detail

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