Dior Small Lady Dior My ABCDior Grey Ultramatte Cannage Calfskin

Learn how to spot fakes with a 43 step guide

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43 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Small Lady Dior My ABCDior Ultramatte Cannages with this detailed 43 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

5. Box Logo

If you look closely at the logo, you'll see it is lightly debossed into the lid and finished with gold foiling. Check that the textured pattern of the box shows through underneath the foiling. Note the sharp lines around the logo, and make sure the typeface is correct. Be aware that the style of the box may vary depending on the handbag style and year of manufacture - for example some boxes are black with silver foiling on the logo.

9. Ribbon

The retail box will be wrapped in a satin ribbon featuring DIOR logos along one side. Note how easily the ribbon folds in on itself, indicating a soft, high-quality material was used.

11. Dustbag

Most Dior handbags come with a cloth dustbag to protect the product when not in use. In this case, the dustbag is white with a gold screenprinted DIOR logo on the front, and a drawstring closure.

16. Handles

The Lady Dior handles have a solid, curved structure and are lined with calfskin. Note the thick metal rings at either side of the handle base which allow them to move smoothly up and down. Check that the handles curve into a rounded shape on the outside, but are flat on the inside. Note the sharp downward slope from this curved shape where the handle reaches the hardware.

18. Hardware

The Lady Dior My ABCDior bag features distinctive external hardware. Starting with the hardware around the handles, make sure there is a small CD engraved at the bottom. Check that this logo is neatly engraved, correctly positioned and that the correct typeface is used. On the front right of the bag are the metal Dior letters.

21. Dior Hardware

A distinct feature of Lady Diors is the DIOR letter charms attached to the front of the bag. Pay close attention to the shape of these letters and their neat finish. Note how the D is attached through the letter, whereas the I has a hole drilled in the top to secure it to the bag. The O should be much larger than the other letters and has an oval-shaped calfskin tag attached to the same link. All of the letters should be metal and have a good weight to them.

23. Tag Heatstamp

The calfskin tag that accompanies the O charm has a Christian Dior heatstamp on the back. Make sure this tag does not have any additional text stamped on it, such as "Paris" or "Made in Italy". Note how the letters have a shine to them from where the stamp has pressed into the material. Check that there is neat binding along the edge of this piece.

24. Base

The base of the bag is made of a rectangular panel of smooth calfskin with a tapered dome stud in each corner. Make sure these feet have the same finish as the rest of the hardware. Note how the seam between the base panel, and the front and back panels of the bag are hidden.

28. Flap Open

If you open the flap, you can see the soft suede lining and where it meets the calfskin with a hidden seam along the edge. Check that there is a line of neat stitching around the border of the flap on the inside and outside.

31. Pocket Lining

The pocket is lined with the same suede material as the rest of the bag interior.

34. Spare Strap

The Lady Dior handbag comes with a spare strap in calfskin for shoulder or crossbody wear. The strap should be sturdy and have binding around the edges. Make sure the binding is not peeling or wearing off if the bag is new. Tip: Used bags may come with a cloth Dior strap if the previous owner customized the bag.

36. Strap Badges

The Lady Dior My ABCDior bag has a range of badges available for personalization and comes with three badges of your choice, with more available for purchase. The badges are sturdily made and come in several different finishes. They slide onto an additional calfskin strip placed to one side of the spare strap.

38. Paperwork

The envelope contains a care guideline booklet and plastic quality standards card.

43. Card Rear

The rear of the card features text verifying the quality standards of the bag, as well as white spaces for the Dior representative to write in the date and style number of your bag at the time of purchase. Check that the card is patterned with a tiny Christian Dior logo repeated across the card underneath the text.

Receipt Envelope
Retail Box
Box Logo
Box Construction
Wrapping Sticker
Wrapping Detail
Ribbon Logos
Dustbag Detail
Handle Inside
Handle Hardware
Handle Inside
Dior Hardware
Hardware Detail
Tag Heatstamp
Base Studs
Stitching Detail
Flap Closed
Flap Open
Pocket Zipper
Pocket Lining
Internal Heatstamp
Date Code
Spare Strap
Strap Hardware
Strap Badges
Booklet Rear
Booklet Text
Quality Standards Card
Card Rear

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