Fender Stratocaster

Learn how to spot fakes with a 41 step guide

Created 2023-02-21 ©goVerify, Inc.

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41 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot a fake Fender Stratocaster with this detailed 41 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

13. Strap Button

A Fender Stratocaster strap button is made of a solid, machined metal that’s been attached to the body with a crosshead screw. Note the piece of felt between the strap button and the body. Also note the machined grooves in the metal which create a semi-matt finish. Be aware that some Fender Stratocasters may come with different strap buttons.

22. Back Body

The Fender Stratocaster features a plastic backplate on the body which is held in place with six crosshead screws. Check that the two screws opposite each other in the middle of the plate (sitting at three o’clock and nine o'clock) are not directly opposite each other - they should be off-set against each other. Also note that, in this case, the backplate is tiered just like the pickguard. This may vary in different models.

28. Case Lock

The TSA-approved Fender Stratocaster case lock is made from the same material as the handle and is squarely attached to the side of the case. Note the position of the case lock and how it’s recessed to fit neatly over the case binding. Note the solid white print of the “locked” and “unlocked” symbols. Check that the raised TSA logo, including the registered “R”, sits in the correct position. From this angle you can also clearly see the texture of the case.

38. Pouch

The Fender Stratocaster pouch is lined with a black, synthetic material. Note the red Fender logos printed onto this material - make sure that the print of the Fender logo looks solid and sharp and that the correct typeface has been used. Also note the red pull tab on the zipper. Check that the pouch has been neatly stitched and finished.

Retail Box
Box Logo
String Tree
Truss Rod Hole
Tuning Pegs
Serial Number
Skunk Stripe
Fret Detail
Strap Button
Tone Knobs
Knob Detail
Pickup Selector Switch
Pickguard Protective Film
Jack Socket
Rear View
Back Body
Neck Plate
Guitar Case
Case Logo
Case Handle
Case Swing Tags
Case Lock
Case Lock Swing Tag
Case Interior
Case Inside Label
Internal Compartment
Compartment Pull Tab
Authenticity Card
Authenticity Card Detail
User Manual
Quality Control Tag
Tremolo Arm
Allen Keys

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