Gibson Les Paul Standard

Learn how to spot fakes with a 46 step guide

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46 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot a fake Gibson Les Paul with this detailed 46 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

8. Logo Material

Gibson uses a mother-of-pearl inlay on the Les Paul headstock. Note the perfectly rounded finishing and how flush the inlay is against the headstock. The texture of the mother-of-pearl is very recognisable in that it has a specific shimmer and features a combination of pink, grey and silver reflections.

17. Fret Nibs

Make sure both ends of every fret end against a “nib” - a small section of neck binding that sticks up and is attached to the fret - if the guitar is new. Tip: The only reason for a Gibson Les Paul to not feature these nibs is if the guitar has been re-fretted.

35. Case Lock

The case lock is made from the same metal as the hinges, and is squarely attached to the edge of the case by rivets. Note the position of the case lock. Inside the internal compartment you will find one silver metal key. Note the smooth edges of the key.

40. Authenticity Card

The Gibson Les Paul authenticity card, printed on a thick high-quality paper, features the Gibson logo and tagline in 5 different languages. Note the solid printing quality, the Gibson logo typeface and position, and the factory-issued colour photograph of the guitar, printed on glossy photo paper.

Retail Box
Box Logo
Box Insert
Logo Position
Logo Material
Headstock Signature
Truss Rod Cover
Headstock Binding
Tuning Pegs
Tuning Peg Detail
Serial Number
Headstock Wings
Headstock Neck Join
Fret Nibs
Fretboard Inlay
Body Binding
Strap Button
Volume Knobs
Knob Detail
Pickup Selector Switch
Jack Socket
Rear View
Back Body
Guitar Case
Case Logo
Case Handle
Case Stitching
Case Hinge
Case Lock
Case Interior
Strap Button Protector
Internal Compartment
Compartment Pull Tab
Authenticity Card
Card Checklist
Card Serial Number
Bag Contents
Gibson Tool
Spare Truss Rod Cover

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