Gibson SG

Learn how to spot fakes with a 44 step guide

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44 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot a fake Gibson SG with this detailed 44 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

5. Box Insert

A new Gibson SG gets shipped in its guitar case. Note how the guitar case inside the box is held in place by a large piece of bubble wrap at the end, accompanied by a sturdy box insert which fits securely underneath the opening flap.

10. Crown Inlay

The Gibson SG often features a decorative "crown" inlay on the headstock. This inlay can either be mother-of-pearl or acrylic - this specific model comes with an acrylic inlay. Note the unique shape of the inlay design, and the positioning of it. Make sure that the inlay looks well-finished and sits perfectly flush against the headstock. Tip: Be aware that certain SG models do not feature a decorative "crown" inlay.

13. Tuning Pegs

Gibson SGs can come with a variety of different tuning pegs. They are always lined up perfectly straight, and sit away from the edge of the headstock.

19. Fretboard Inlay

Gibson SG guitars come with either mother-of-pearl or acrylic inlays in the fretboard. This specific model comes with acrylic inlays. Make sure that they sit perfectly flush with the fretboard. Note the neat finish, the symmetrical nature of the inlay, and how the inlays and frets run parallel to each other.

Retail Box
Box Logo
Box Insert
Box Code
Logo Position
Logo Material
Crown Inlay
Truss Rod Cover
Headstock Binding
Tuning Pegs
Tuning Peg Detail
Serial Number
Headstock Wings
Headstock Neck Join
Fret Nibs
Fretboard Inlay
Strap Button
Volume Knobs
Knob Detail
Pickup Selector Switch
Jack Socket
Rear View
Guitar Case
Case Logo
Case Handle
Case Stitching
Case Hinge
Case Lock
Case Interior
Strap Button Protector
Internal Compartment
Compartment Pull Tab
Authenticity Card
Card Checklist
Card Serial Number
Bag Contents
Gibson Tool

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