Shure SM57

Learn how to spot fakes with a 32 step guide

Created 2023-02-21 ©goVerify, Inc.

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32 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot a fake Shure SM57 microphone with this detailed 32 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

5. Sleeve Detail

The top of the sleeve features a sharp full-colour print. Pay close attention to any background images, for example the cables, and make sure that the print is solid and sharp and that all typefaces used are correct. Note the reflections on the microphone image, and where the white and green printed lines sit in relation to the microphone and the rest of the sleeve.

13. Capsule Housing Detail

Situated below the smooth plastic band of the Shure SM57 housing capsule, note the black circular-patterned metal mesh. Check that you can clearly see the metal capsule shining through it. Also check that the printed text on the band circling the base of the plastic capsule is sharp and that the standard Z has been used to denote impedance. From this angle you can also clearly see that the capsule housing and the body of the microphone are both rounded off to the same angles and face in towards each other.

20. Inside Text

Inside the top tube, note how "AC" has been engraved into the plastic wiring board, below the negative (-) terminal. Also check that positive (+) has been engraved into the wiring board, above the terminal with the yellow wire.

22. Packaging

From this angle you can clearly see the inner and outer of the Shure SM57 box. Check that the cardboard is sturdy and that all folds and cuts are neat with no rough edges. The corrugation of the cardboard can be seen as faint ridges, both inside and outside the box. Note how the short sides have been folded over to create a square edge.

Retail Box
Sleeve Top
Sleeve Detail
Box Detail
Box Label
Sleeve Bottom
Sleeve Text
Text Detail
Body Shape
Capsule Housing
Capsule Housing Detail
Body Join
Rear View
Connecting Pins
Internal Wiring
Inside Text
Box Contents
User Manuals
Safety Instructions
Sticker Front
Sticker Back
Cable Tie
Microphone Clip
Clip Logo
Thread Adaptor

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