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How to spot fake

New Balance 550 White Green Black

in 36 steps

Created 2022-08-17
Modified 2022-08-17
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36 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake New Balance 550 White Green Blacks with this detailed 36 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

11. Wrapping Logos

The wrapping features a large NB New Balance logo in the middle of the paper, with lots of smaller NB logos around it. Check that the smaller logos are evenly spaced and all face the same direction; they should sit at an angle from the large logo.

15. Upper Logo

The midfoot area features a nylon-like N logo embedded into the upper. Note the tiny lines running horizontally through the N. Make sure there is a thin black leather border between the N and the surrounding white upper material. Check how neat the stitching is that borders the logo. Take a look at the edge of the ventilated upper panel; there should be a black strip along the edge where you can see there is a second layer of black leather under this panel.

25. Tongue Stitching

The New Balance 550 tongue is intricately embroidered with new balance, 550, and NB logos, along with a graphic of a basketball in motion. Note the green border embroidered into the tongue label just inside the line of stitching securing it to the the tongue. Make sure the embroidery itself is tight and neat.

29. Sockliners

The New Balance 550s have uniquely designed sockliners to maximize comfort and performance. Note the different types of foam used to pad the sockliner, and how molded the sockliner is to fit your foot.

34. Sole Text

Just above the heel is a section of white rubber debossed with text indicating that the sole is made with non-marking materials. Make sure the debossing is neat and the typeface used is correct. Note the fine texture of the rubber around the text.


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