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How to spot fake

Nike Air Force 1 B

in 25 steps

Created 2015-11-19
Modified 2017-09-12
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25 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Nike Air Force 1 B's with this detailed 25 point step-by-step guide by goVerify. This is a very special limited edition vintage sneaker.

3. Retail Box

Vintage Nike Air Force 1 B's are boxed in a strong shoe box usually featuring the Nike Swoosh logo on the lid. Take note of the narrow slits in the lid that allow the side wall tabs to come through. Color and style of boxes can vary according to style and year. Check the box carefully for any errors in brand logos, alignment, spelling and overall finish quality. Remember real shoe boxes can accompany fake shoes.

13. Laces

Nike Air Force 1 B's have high quality flat woven laces, make sure the weave in the laces is tight and even. Check that the lace tips are sealed in a tight plastic cap with no loose threads showing.

18. Lining

Nike Air Force 1 B's have padded lining around the collar, make sure this padded lining ends at either the first or second lace hole from the top. Note how the lace holes are perfectly drilled holes, make sure they are cleanly cut with no rough edges. Make sure the double stitch line above the lace holes follows the shape of the upper perfectly.

23. Outsole Logo

A Nike logo and Swoosh features on the sole of Air Force 1 B's. Look for the faint registered circled R's, make sure they do not touch the logo. Check that the edges of the main embossed logo are sharp and clean.


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