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How to spot fake

Nike Air Jordan 1 High Travis Scott

in 39 steps

Created 2019-09-16
Modified 2019-09-16
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39 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Nike Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Highs with this detailed 39 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

9. YCM Sticker

The inside of the retail box will have a YCM logo sticker. Make sure the printing is sharp, look for the tiny registered R next to the M. There are a series of faint lines embossed into the sticker, they are spaced out in a brick type pattern, they are not easy to see but they are there. Tip: YCM is the company that produces sustainable packaging for companies like Nike.

20. Spare Laces

Nike Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Highs will come with 4 spare laces. Make sure they are flat white, red, brown and pink and that they are packaged in clear plastic bags. Take note of the cable that joins the spare laces to the shoes, is has a cone shaped locking mechanism.

29. Lining

Nike Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Highs have a distinctive inside lining panel. Check that the eyelet holes are cleanly cut out of the lining. Check that the stitching is tight, neat and evenly spaced. Take special note of the soft red satin fabric from the money pocket when you fold the lining back.

39. Sole Logo

A Nike logo features on the sole of Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Highs. Check the position of the registered circled R and check that the edges of the embossed logo are sharp and clean. Make sure the typeface used for the R is correct. This is a good opportunity to have a close look at the sole texture, take note of the fine pattern in the rubber.


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