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How to spot fake

Nike Air Jordan 11 Gamma

in 28 steps

Created 2017-08-25
Modified 2017-09-03
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28 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Nike Air Jordan 11 Gamma's with this detailed 30 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

5. Box Hole

The retail box of Nike Air Jordan 11 Gamma's has a light blue reinforced plastic ring to help with gripping the tray when opening. Make sure the plastic ring sits firmly in the hole.

12. Heel Stitching

High quality stitching can be hard to replicate. Check carefully that the stitching on the heel is tight, straight, evenly spaced and follows the edge of each panel evenly. Tip: check the join between the upper and outsole is an even straight line and does not have any excess glue showing.

19. Tongue Label

There is a tag inside the tongue with the words Greatest Player Ever embroidered into it. Make sure the words are white, and check that the embroidery is high quality. Again check the proportions of the Jumpman's hands, feet and ball. Tip: Check that the colour of the Jumpman figure is light blue.

28. Shoe Tree Size

Look closely at the Jumpman on the shoe tree, check the proportions of the figure and make sure the fingers and shoe laces are well defined. Check the shoe size numbers embossed into the plastic (in this case 6.5-8), making sure the actual embossing is sharp and clear.


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