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How to spot fake

Nike Air Jordan 4 Levis

in 36 steps

Created 2018-04-04
Modified 2018-05-25
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36 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Nike Air Jordan 4 Levis with this detailed 36 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

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5. Lid Jumpman

Nike Air Jordan 4 Levis retail boxes have a gold foiled and debossed Jumpman logo on the lid. Make sure the logo is sharp and clear, make sure the fingers and laces are well defined. Check that the debossing is obvious, the Jumpman will be slightly pressed into the cardboard, not sitting on top of it.

16. Levis Tab

Nike Air Jordan 4 Levis have a red Levis tab stitched onto the upper. Make sure the embroidery is tight and even. Take careful note of the embroidery pattern of the white Levis logo, it is a special Levis pattern, some of the stitches are bigger than others. Also look at the bottom and top edge of the red tab, the boarder stitching is much ticker than the rest of the label.

29. Sockliner

Nike Air Jordan 4 Levis have a soft foam sockliner for added impact protection, make sure the blue foam has a tiny bubble like structure. Make sure the top of the sockliner is denim.

33. Collar Support

Nike Air Jordan 4 Levis come with cardboard collar support units. Take note of the shape of the units and how the outside is white while the insides are grey cardboard. Note how the top and side folds have small holes drilled in them to help with structural strength.


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