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How to spot fake

Nike Air Jordan 7 Retro Tinker Alternate

in 31 steps

Created 2022-06-30
Modified 2022-07-01
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31 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Nike Air Jordan 7 Retro Tinker Alternates with this detailed 31 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

9. Wrapping

The Air Jordan 7s come with a single layer of patterned wrapping. Make sure the paper is big enough to wrap completely around the shoes. Check that there are small gold 23s printed on the paper. Make sure they are neatly printed and evenly spaced.

14. Midsole Detail

The midsole features a unique design with solid red fading to white with a red spray pattern. Note the different sizes of the spray droplets, make sure they are a random pattern from paint sprayed on rather than a set design.

19. Tongue Logo

Take a closer look at the plastic Air Jordan logo. Check that the tongue material is caved in around the letters where they've been glued to the tongue. Note the difference in size and typeface between Air and Jordan. Make sure both typefaces and letter sizing are correct. Note the glittery effect of the letters.

29. Sole Logo

At the heel of the outsole is a Jumpman logo. Note the frame cut out around the Jumpman. This is a good place to see the different textures of the outsole rubber.


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