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Nike Air Max 1 Patta Noise Aqua

in 38 steps

Created 2022-06-27
Modified 2022-06-27
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38 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Nike Air Max 1 Patta Noise Aquas with this detailed 38 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

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8. Box Art

If you look at the box as a whole from the back, you can see the whole thing is covered in various colored and metallic silver text. Make sure the print is solid and all typefaces are correct. Note the positioning of the various prints.

13. Wrapping Detail

The Air Max 1 Patta wrapping features a printed black fist. Make sure the printing is solid and sharp. Note how the fist is only printed on one side, and if you turn the wrapping over the image is not as clear.

19. Toe Swoosh

Toward the toe is a small embroidered swoosh. Make sure the stitching is tight and neat with no stray threads. This is a good place to see the smooth leather upper in contrast with the rough mesh of the toe upper. Note how cleanly cut the "waves" of the upper are, and how neatly the stitching follows the edge.

26. Eyelets

Air Max 1 Patta Noise Aquas will have eyelets cut out of the upper fabric. Make sure the holes are cleanly cut circles with no rough edges. Note how the eyelets are staggered to follow the wavy upper, rather than following a straight line. The very top eyelets of the Air Max 1s will have a solid plastic insert. Make sure the eyelets in this figure-eight shaped insert are square. The stitching around the edge should follow its shape perfectly.


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