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How to spot fake

Nike Air Max 2015

in 20 steps

Created 2015-05-19
Modified 2017-07-02
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20 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Nike Air Max 2015's with this detailed 20 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

11. Tongue Logo

Nike Air Max 2015's have a Nike Air Max logo fused onto the tongue. Check the quality of printing of the logo and the typeface of the logo, the two letter "A's" should have no cross bar. Check that the clear fused area has a uniform width around the padded logo section.

13. Air Unit Logo

Nike Air Max 2015's have a Cushlon midsole that provides springy impact protection, there is a large Air Max logo printed onto this clear zoom unit. Check that the printing is solid with sharp edges, make sure the typeface is correct, the "A's" should have no cross bar and the R should be open.

17. Sockliners

Air Max 2015's have molded sockliner inserts, check the shape of the sockliners, specifically look how the midfoot arch area curves up to follow your foot arch.

20. Inside Label

Inside label details vary depending on year, country of manufacture and style. Check the style number, usually 9 digits, matches that found on the box. Check that the tail of the Q in FABRIQUE starts inside the circle. Check for any spelling errors and that the glue area is uniform and neat. The shoe's production date will fall between the two dates indicated on the label. Tip: Do a Google image search for "Nike"+"style number" to check the colourway.


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