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Nike Air Max Uptempo 97 Urban Haze

in 27 steps

Created 2022-07-08
Modified 2022-07-08
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27 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Nike Air Max Uptempo 97 Urban Hazes with this detailed 27 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

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11. Heel Logo

Toward the outstep of the heel is an embroidered Air logo. Make sure the correct typeface is used, and note the pattern of the stitching throughout the logo. Check that the stitching itself is tight and neat.

16. Toebox

The Air Max Uptempo 97s have a leather toebox with cutouts revealing a layered upper. Note the mesh under the middle hole with a line of stitching down the center. Make sure the material on either side of the toebox has two layers, with the bottom layer featuring a row of perforated holes which decrease gradually in size toward the middle.

22. Eyelets

The Air Max Uptempo 97s feature eyelets punched into the upper. Make sure they don't run in a straight line, but rather follow the curves of the upper. The two collar eyelets are reinforced with a plastic insert. Note the even line of stitching around these eyelets, and where the eyelet hole is positioned.

26. Sole Logo

The sole features a Swoosh and Air logo printed under layered plastic. Note how the AIR is set against a white background deeper in the shoe than the Swoosh. This is a good place to see the holes set in the heel for improved traction.


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