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How to spot fake

Nike Kyrie 1

in 30 steps

Created 2015-07-09
Modified 2015-10-11
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30 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Nike Kyrie 1's with this detailed 30 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

8. Wrapping

Nike Kyrie 1's come with protective paper wrapping that has the KI logo printed all over it. Make sure the printing is solid and sharp.

14. Heel Logo

Nike Kyrie 1's will have Kyrie's hand written position "#2" printed onto the heel lining. Make sure the print quality is solid and sharp, note how the lining texture shows through the printing. Also note how the lining has a neat and straight join to the hyperfused upper with no stitch line showing.

23. Lining Outstep

Nike Kyrie 1's will have soft inner lining around the ankle area. Check that the stitching is neat and evenly spaced and follows the edge of the lining perfectly. The top two lace holes will be punched through the lining. Note how the breathable mesh around the midfoot area lets light through. Also note how the lace holes have an extra fused panel behind them, for added support.

28. Sole Pattern

Nike Kyrie 1's have superior grip, a 360-degree dynamic traction pattern wrapping the shoe’s sidewalls. From below the modified herringbone pattern can be clearly seen. As always make sure the outsole tread is not worn out if the shoes are new.


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