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Nike Kyrie 2 Effect

in 40 steps

Created 2022-08-22
Modified 2022-08-22
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40 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Nike Kyrie 2 Effects with this detailed 40 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

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14. Heel

The Kyrie 2 Effect heel features a textile mesh material over foam padding. The foam has been debossed with a lined pattern. Note how the lines make a frame around the heel logo and form a circle at the ankle. Tip: Make sure there is no excess glue showing where the midsole meets the upper.

20. Strap Text (L)

The left shoe also features text under the strap, including Kyrie's mother's birthday (8.13.67), name (Elizabeth), and the date of her passing (9.8.96). Make sure the print is solid and sharp, and the typeface used is correct.

29. Tongue Logo

The tongue features Kyrie Irving's logo. The logo is made of molded plastic and is glued onto the tongue. Check the shape of each piece of the logo and how it slants up from the tongue before levelling out. Note the glossy finish.

34. Sockliners

The Kyrie 2 Effects come with Ortholite foam sockliners with a graphic of Kyrie Irving printed on top. Note the lattice pattern running from midfoot to toe above the print.


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