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How to spot fake

Nike Mars Yard Tom Sachs 2

in 40 steps

Created 2022-01-11
Modified 2022-01-11
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40 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot a fake Nike Mars Yard 2 Tom Sachs with this detailed 40 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

4. Box Underside

The back of the Mars Yard 2 Tom Sachs box has a drawing of the Mars rover printed in black, as well as a printed Tom Sachs signature. Make sure the print is sharp and clear.

13. Booklet Photo

One of the booklet features is a photo of the shoe with a Failure Is Always an Option article. Note where the text appears to have been printed on a typewriter, cut out and taped to the page. This is all a printed effect.

22. Laces

The Mars Yard 2 Tom Sachs has round laces with glue at the end. Note how the end of one of the laces has a burned appearance.

35. Sockliner Detail (R)

The right sockliner features an illustration of our solar system. Make sure you can see the dots of the asteroid belt around the sun and on the fourth ring. All print should be clear and easy to read.


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