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Nike Off-White Air Jordan 1 Chicago

in 37 steps

Created 2017-12-15
Modified 2017-12-17
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37 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Off-Whites with this detailed 37 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

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8. Inside Jumpman

The inside of the lid has a gold Jumpman logo foiled and debossed into it. Make sure the gold Jumpman is clearly debossed into the cardboard. Make sure the gold foil is clear and not rubbing off, make sure that the edges of the logo are sharp and that the fingers, laces and ball of the Jumpman figure are well defined.

23. Eyelet Panel

If you fold the decorative eyelet panel back you will see the proper eyelet panel underneath it. There is an overlap where two eyelet panel sections join up, there is a very small triangle cut into the top layer eyelet panel, can you see it.

28. Tongue Label

The tongue will have an embroided Nike Air logo tag stitched onto the top corner. Make sure the embroidery is tight and neat, note how the E and A are touching the Swoosh. Note how the E is part of the Swoosh embroidery while the A appears to sit on top of the Swoosh. Make sure the typeface used is correct.

37. Shoe Tree

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Off-Whites come with cardboard shoe trees. The shoe trees will have a Jumpman logo debossed into them as well as a size range, in this case 9-9.5. Make sure the debossing is sharp and clear.


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