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How to spot fake

Nike Off-White Air Max 90

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Created 2018-05-24
Modified 2018-05-26
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37 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Nike Off-White Air Max 90s with this detailed 37 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

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8. YCM Sticker

The inside of the retail box will have a YCM logo sticker. Make sure the printing is sharp, look for the tiny registered R next to the M. Make sure the sticker is semi see through, you should be able to see the Nike logo underneath quite easily. Tip: YCM is the company that produces sustainable packaging for companies like Nike.

19. Eyelets

Make sure the eyelets are cleanly cut out of the upper. Note how the eyelet panel has an interesting combination of textures and fabrics. Under the clear plastic is a pattern of squares, the flattened thread is clearly made up of finer thin threads. On top of the clear plastic is a printed black diamond pattern, note how the printed black lines are actually a fine cross hatch pattern. Make sure the cross hatch pattern is clearly defined thin lines which are not smudging into each other.

29. Forefoot

Make sure the stitching of the forefoot is neat and even, make sure there are red pattern lines as well as product size codes under the insole. Again look for a positioning hole drilled into the center of the forefoot.

37. Sole Logo

If you look closely at the sole you will notice a few things. The Phylon inner core has a join line just below the Nike logo. The Nike logo has tiny pin head size dots along it's edges. The flex grooves that run horizontally through the forefoot area also have small pin head size dots around the edge, can you see them.


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