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Pokemon Sword & Shield McDonalds 25th Anniversary Pikachu 25/25

in 13 steps

Created 2022-09-06
Modified 2022-09-09
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13 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake McDonald's Anniversary Pikachu 25/25 Pokémon cards with this detailed 13 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

3. Character Art

The McDonald's Annniversary Pikachu card features Pikachu in a café-type setting, illustrated by Sanosuke Sakuma. Make sure the print quality is good and that the colors are the right hue. Any lines around the illustration should be sharp and clear. Note the shading and highlights on and around Pikachu.

6. Card Details

Check the details of the card and make sure all the typefaces used are correct, particularly in the grey stripe just below the character art. The print should be solid and clear on all of the text. Note the energy symbols and how they consist of a black symbol perfectly centered in a small shaded circle.

10. Card Edge

Pokémon cards are made of multiple sheets of paper, creating a layering effect when you look at the card from the side. If you were to tear the card, you would see a black layer of paper in between two white layers. Tip: Try shining a light through the back of your card. A genuine card won't allow any light through unless you press it directly against the back of the card.


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