Adidas 4D Futurecraft Ash Green

Learn how to spot fakes with a 31 step guide

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1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Adidas Futurecraft 4Ds with this detailed 31 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

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8. Box Logo

The Futurecraft 4D box features an Adidas performance logo on the lid. Note the lattice design printed on the box. The ink of the design is glossy and slightly raised up from the box. Check that the debossed matte blue logo stands out sharply from the lattice design.

15. 4D Midsole

The defining feature of the Futurecraft 4Ds is the 4D midsole. It is created with 3D-printing technology which uses light to mold a liquid resin into the lattice-like midsole structure. This process is called Digital Light Synthesis. Check that the lattice pattern is consistent throughout the midsole and that there aren't any solid sections. Note the fine terrace pattern coming down from the outermost points of the midsole.

21. Tongue

Adidas Futurecraft 4Ds have an Adidas Performance logo molded onto a patch on the tongue. Make sure the typeface used is correct. Note how the letter "i" is joined to the 3 stripes. Make sure the 3 stripes have slightly rounded edges and the letters have a completely rounded profile. This logo patch is glued onto a soft primeknit cushion which provides comfort for your foot under tight lacing.

29. Sockliner Text

Under the Sockliners you will find a code debossed into the rubber at the toe which includes the shoe size. Make sure the size matches the one found on the box and inner shoe labels. At the foot arch is a small embossed Adidas Performance logo. Note how rounded the Adidas lettering is, and make sure the typeface used is correct.

Retail Box
Box Label
Box Interior
Thumb Hole
Box Handle
Box Logo
Box Construction
Side Profile
Collar Padding
Three Stripes
4D Midsole
Midsole Detail
Swing Tag
Swing Tag Reverse
Toe Cap
Inside Label (L)
Inside Label (R)
Inside Structure
Sockliner Logo
Sockliner Text
Continental Logo

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