Converse Chuck Taylor 70 CDG High

Learn how to spot fakes with a 37 step guide

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1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Comme des Garçons White Highs with this detailed 37 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

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13. Heel Logo

Converse sneakers have a rubber heel patch on the midsole. The logo will read Converse All Star Chuck Taylor. Note the difference in the typefaces and make sure they are correct. The words should be neatly embossed into the rubber patch, along with three stars of different sizes.

16. CDG Logo

The main feature of the Converse CDGs is the iconic Comme des Garçons heart logo. Note the rough edges of the logo and how thick it is, appearing to have been painted onto the canvas upper. Make sure the pupils of the eyes are not perfect circles. Check that you can see the texture of the canvas through the semigloss logo.

18. Swing Tags

The Converse CDGs feature two swing tags. One has a "PLAY Comme des Garçons" logo along with model number and fabric type, and the other has printed text with care instructions for the shoe in multiple languages. Make sure the text is solid and sharp, and that the typefaces used are correct.

23. Toecap Shape

Converse sneakers feature a distinctive rubber toecap which provides protection and durability. Make sure the toecap has a triangular shape as opposed to a perfect half circle. Also make sure the bottom corners of the rubber toecap curve inward slightly where they meet the midsole.

Retail Box
Box Label
Lid Logo
Box Underside
Underside Logo
Box Construction
Side Profile
Heel Stitching
Heel Logo
Logo Detail
Converse Logo
CDG Logo
Vent Eyelets
Swing Tags
Tag Cables
Stitching Outstep
Stitching Instep
Midsole Texture
Toecap Shape
Bumper Shape
Inside Lining
Lining Join
Tongue Back
Inside Label (R)
Inside Label (L)
Heel Support
Sockliner Logo
Sockliner Foam
Sole Detail
Sole Logo

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