Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Low

Learn how to spot fakes with a 30 step guide

Created 2017-11-28 ©goVerify, Inc.

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30 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Converse Leather Low Tops with this detailed 30 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

6. Box Footprint

The underside of the Converse shoe box has a printed design of the actuals sneaker's rubber sole. Make sure the print quality is solid with sharp edges, take note that the design itself has a rough look with some broken edges. Also make sure the tread pattern matches the shoe inside the box, some other styles may differ.

10. Heel Logo

Converse sneakers will have a heel patch with logo. The logo will read Converse All Star. Make sure the print quality is solid with sharp clean edges, check that the typefaces used are correct. Also note how the patch is glued on firmly, make sure it is not lifting off anywhere. This is a good opportunity to have a close look at the join between rubber midsole and fabric upper, make sure there is no excess glue showing along the join.

23. Inside Label (L)

Make sure the 13 digit product code on the left shoe is different to the one on the right shoe, the last 4 digits should be different.

26. Insole Forefoot

The sockliner will have 3-4 small rounded cuts on the edge where your big toe would be.

Retail Box
Box Construction
Box Lid Logos
Box Footprint
Box Label
Side Profile
Heel Stitching
Heel Logo
Logo Detail
Toecap Shape
Bumper Shape
Midsole Texture
Stitching Outstep
Vent Eyelets
Inside Lining
Tongue Length
Tongue Logo
Inside Label (R)
Inside Label (L)
Heel Support
Insole Logo
Insole Forefoot
Sole Pattern
Sole Detail
Sole Logo

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