Nike Off-White Rubber Dunk University Gold

Learn how to spot fakes with a 40 step guide

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40 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Nike Rubber Dunk Off-White University Golds with this detailed 40 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

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7. Box Holes

The retail box is patterned throughout with large circular holes cut into the cardboard. Check that the holes are cleanly cut, and note how there are partial holes where the edge of the box cuts off the circle. This is also a good place to see the metallic finish on the box.

18. Off-White Tag

Nike Rubber Dunk Off-White University Golds come with a thick, plastic zip tie. A unique feature of the Rubber Dunk zip tie is that a portion of it is covered in a fuzzy felt-like material rather than the classic smooth plastic finish. Another anomaly of this zip tie is it doesn't feature the usual printed Off-White text. Make sure the corners of the tag are rounded, and look for the circles in the plastic on either side of the locking mechanism.

26. Eyelet Loops

Take a closer look at the rubberized eyelets. Note how thick the rubber is and make sure they loop fully around and double up underneath their respective strips of leather. Check that the loops are striped with embossed black lines which are rounded at the ends.

37. Sockliner Detail

Check that the printing on the logos is solid and sharp, and the correct typefaces are used. Note how the Swoosh overlaps the Off-White logos.

Retail Box
Box Label
Thumb Hole
Box Logo
Box Holes
Lid Code
Box Construction
Wrapping Logo
Wrapping Detail
Outstep Profile
Instep Profile
Air Unit
Swing Tag
Off-White Tag
Instep Text
Toebox Profile
Spare Laces
Eyelet Loops
Tongue Logo
Tongue Label
Tongue Stitching
Tongue Padding
Tongue Strap
Inside Label (L)
Inside Label (R)
Sockliner Detail
Sole Logo
Sole Detail

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