Puma Rihanna Fenty Creeper Velvet Royal Purple

Learn how to spot fakes with a 29 step guide

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29 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Puma Creeper Velvet's with this detailed 29 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

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4. Box Label

Puma shoe boxes feature a label on the one side detailing style name, size, color, country of manufacture and a 8 digit ART number. Check all of these details carefully. Tip 1: Check that the 8 digit ART number matches the one found on the label inside the shoe. Tip 2: scan the barcode (even a photo of one) with a barcode scanner app, the exact product including size should be correct.

9. Dust Bag

Puma Creeper Velvet Purple's come with a velvet dust bag with the Fenty logo embroidered onto the front. Make sure the typeface used is correct, make sure the embroidery is tight and neat with no loose ends. The pull cords that are used to close the bag are flat satin ribbons, on one end there will be a round disc with a warning on it. Make sure the letters of the gold printed warning are sharp and clear.

17. Eyelets

Puma Creeper's will have a velvet eyelet panel with eyelet holes drilled into it. Make sure the holes are neat and clean. Take note of the stitch line along the bottom edge of the eyelet panel, make sure the stitching is tight, neat, evenly spaced and follows the edge of the panel perfectly.

28. Sole Logo

Puma Creeper Velvet Purple's have a Puma logo embossed into the outsole. Check that the letters have slightly rounded edges. This is also a good opportunity to have a close up look at the texture of the rubber outsole. Tip: Make sure the letters of the logo have not filled in.

Retail Box
Box Label
Corner Rihanna
Large Rihanna
Inside Logos
Dust Bag
Dust Bag Logo
Made In Tag
Side Profile
Heel Stitching
Heel Logo
Side Stitching
Inside Lining
Tongue Loop
Tongue Logo
Stitch Detail
Insole Stitching
Insole Logo
Inside Label (R)
Inside Label (L)
Label Detail
Sole Pattern
Sole Logo
Midsole Shape

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