Puma Rihanna Fenty Fur Slide Orchid

Learn how to spot fakes with a 25 step guide

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25 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Puma Fenty Fur Slider's with this detailed 25 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

4. Box Label

Puma shoe boxes feature a label on the one side detailing style name, size, color, country of manufacture and a 8 digit style (ART) number. Check all of these details carefully. Tip 1: scan the barcode (even a photo of one) with a barcode scanner app, the exact product including size should be correct.

9. Wrapping

Puma Fenty Fur Slides come with a unique double layer of wrapping inside the box. The top layer will have small Puma + by Rihanna logos printed onto it. Make sure the printing is sharp and clear.

15. Shoe Size

Under the footstrap there is a shoe size label printed onto the satin lining. Make sure the size matches the inside label and retail box label.

23. Outsole Pattern

Puma Fenty Fur Slides have a lightweight outsole with honeycomb pattern. Make sure the outsole is not worn out if the shoes are new.

Retail Box
Box Label
Corner Rihanna
Lid Puma
Large Rihanna
Inside Logos
Dust Bag
Dust Bag Fenty
Dust Bag Puma
Made in China
Side Profile
Shoe Size
Logo Embroidery
Puma Embroidery
Fur Stitching
Foot Molding
Heel Logo
Side Logo
Outsole Pattern
Fabric Sticker
Made In

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