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How to spot fake

StockX 2018 Tag

in 10 steps

Created 2018-05-24
Modified 2018-05-24
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10 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake StockX 2018 tags with this detailed 10 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

4. Cable

StockX tags are attached to one of the shoes with a string cable. This tag must always still be attached to the shoe for StockX to provide any guarantees. All sellers claiming their shoes are from StockX must still have the tag attached to the shoe.

5. Cable Lock

The string cable is locked into the tag via a tiny square mechanism. One end of the string is permanently attached to the whole tag while the other end is attached to a small block inside the tag. Note how the rounded edge of the tag is smooth while the top and bottom have a fine rough texture. Check that the string is a thick twisted thread, make sure the green of the string and the green of the plastic tag match.

8. Card Back

The back of the card is black with a signed thank you note from the CEO Josh Luber. Make sure the printing is solid and clear and that the typeface used is correct. You can follow Josh on Instagram here


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