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How to spot fake

Vans Classic Slip On

in 25 steps

Created 2016-03-15
Modified 2017-09-12
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25 point

1. Profile

Learn how to spot fake Vans Classic Slip On's with this detailed 25 point step-by-step guide by goVerify.

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6. Box Construction

Vans Classic Slip On's come in a sturdy retail box, make sure the sides double over back into the box to create structural strength. Check that the lid section which folds back into the box has a small finger hole cut out of it. Also note how the side walls, when viewed from inside the box, have a locking system that does not require any gluing.

15. Outsole Molding

One of the high quality manufacturing processes used by Vans is the midsole rubber adhesion to the fabric upper. Make sure the midsole follows the curves and bumps in the upper fabric perfectly with no lifting.

17. Swing Tag

Vans Classic Slip On's come with a swing tag with the Vans Off The Wall logo, make sure the printing is solid and clear. Look for the small registered R above the front wheel, make sure it is clear and sharp.

24. Factory Code

Vans Classic Slip On's will have a small factory code embossed into the sole. There are a number of different factory codes that are used in various countries, one shoe style may have different factory codes. This is also an opportunity to have a close up look at the high quality molded waffle pattern, check that the edges are sharp and straight.


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